The Condor family


Founder and Director

Randall Howlett is an utmost charismatic character and actually walks the talk. With his project ‘Condortrekkers’ he not only changes the standard of living of many locals but also changes the philosophy of life of many clients. With his rather unique appearance Randall cannot be overlooked and is well-known amongst most of Sucre’s inhabitants as the bearded Gringo with the bicycle (Randall himself claims that Gringos do not exist)!


Restaurant Founder

Romina came to visit a friend who was volunteering at Condortrekkers in 2010. We were so impressed by her personality, enthusiasm and especially her cooking skills that we asked her to come back and teach us how to open a restaurant.
It didn’t take too much persuasion and so immediately after graduating from one of the finest hospitality schools in the world, she jumped on a plane to help us out. After an extremely long and ridiculously difficult battle, we were finally able to open the doors to our wonderful Condor cafe in December 2012.
And she loves wombats.


Administration, Sales point

Lidia is our lovely face of Condortrekkers. Being fluent in 4 languages (Spanish, English, German, Quechua) she is the perfect person to tend our office and sales point at Calle Calvo 102. Everybody instantly likes Lidia; she is probably the friendliest and most likeable person on this planet.



Lidi’s daughterLidia's Daughter

Agelen spends her afternoons at the office, delighting staff and clients with her presence. One could call her Condortrekker’s mascot.



Office Hound

Blacky walked into our office sometime around April or May and instantly madeBlacky
himself welcome. We kinda fell in love with him too.

He followed us to our new premises and is often waiting outside the door for the early morning tour. He spends his nights chasing cars and dogs and generally behaving badly. His days are spent sleeping on the doormat or under the desk keeping Lidia’s feet warm.

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