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Frequently asked Questions

Living arrangements and cost of living in Sucre
  • Bolivia is a very cheap country in which to live. A private room in a hostel in Sucre with shared bathroom and kitchen costs around $3 US per day. With private bathroom for around $5 per day.
  • Family stays can be arranged through the language schools. We hope to build these connections ourselves in time.
  • A rented room in a shared house starts at around $60 per month. These become available periodically.
  • A meal in the market place costs around $1 and in a touristy restaurant from around $2 to $3. Groceries are fresh and cheap.
  • A large beer from the store costs a dollar and around $2 in a bar.
  • Spanish lessons cost around $5 per hour and can be done through schools or privately. Many Bolivians are very interested in language interchange.
  • One can live quite comfortably for around $10 per day. Add a bit more if you like getting drunk.
The first trek
  • Our 2 day treks cost 500 Bolivianos (72 USD). The 3 day treks cost 600 Bolivianos (87 USD).
  • Whilst hiking, all costs are covered by Condortrekkers. Our meals are all vegetarian/vegan although you’re welcome to bring along some meat if you feel it necessary.
A typical day for a volunteer
  • This is not easy to describe as there are no typical days. Also in that we believe initiative to be one of the primary qualities in a volunteer.
  • When not hiking however, tasks include: promotion!!!, teaching English to the guides, exploring new routes, translation, equipment maintenance, trip preparation, activities with the children from the projects we support and whatever new ideas you wish to introduce.

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