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From the moment when we started hiking through the countryside, we realised that there was a great need for financial assistance in these communities. Our priorities have always been nutrition, health and education. The simplest way in which we could help was through the schools.

Each year we give money to buy educational material for schools in the following communities: Tumpeca, Chaunaca, Socapampa, Maragua, Humaca, Chullpas, Potolo, Talula, Purunkila, Melgarayuk, Punkurani, Ulupica, Quila Quila and Rufo and periodically with requests for stoves, ovens, audiovisual and sporting equipment.

The manner in which we assist is important to ensure accountability. Members of the Junta Escolar (School Committee) provide us with a written request. We then ask them to give us an official quote from the supplier. After we give them the necessary funding, they then provide us with a receipt.

We have since developed strong relationships with the communities and warmly welcomed in the schools when hiking. This often involves impromptu football matches and we stay overnight in certain schools.


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