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One of the aims of Condor Trekkers is to reduce poverty in the rural areas and therefore reduce the need to migrate to the cities.


Our first project was a toilet. The community of Irupampa asked us to build a toilet for their cabin so that more tourists would stay there and pay more for the greater comfort. We told them about composting toilets which we believe are especially appropriate as there is so little water inside the Crater of Maragua.

We then signed an agreement that we would buy all the materials and they would provide the labour. This always works better than just giving the entire project as a gift as it puts more value on the object.

Work soon began and now the community are very happy with one of the loveliest toilets in the district. Our clients are also very happy with the added comfort. Apparently not everyone enjoys squatting in the bush.


Our next development project involved buying water pipes for the community of Humaca. The community had been without water for several months. We consulted a engineering NGO but the community itself solved the problem through an arrangement with a higher community nearby. That’s where the pipes came in.

On treks to the Hotsprings in Talula, we now have the pleasure of filling up our water bottles at the grateful school.


The community of Purunkilla are the owners of the hotsprings located alongside the River Pilcomayu near Talula. The hotsprings were completely covered by a landslide several years ago. Some people say as the result of dynamite due to a dispute between the 2 communities.

We were asked to help to reconstruct the pools. Again we provided the materials and the locals provided the labour. Much chicha (locally produced beer) and dancing were involved in the inauguration of the pools and our trekkers were even more happy with a hot bath at the end of the day.


We were asked by the community in Pisili, near Tarabuco to help develop tourism in their region and to construct a museum. A visit to the village inspired the 2 day tour that we offer to Pisili and the Sunday market in Tarabuco.

Donations to the community were made for each of our clients who stayed there with the intention to build a museum and lodging. Unfortunately, difficulties in the community have delayed this construction. We hope that this can be solved soon and that we can offer an even better tour to this wonderful region.


In April of 2013, we completed a very cool project in Maragua in conjunction with another NGO in Sucre called BiblioWorks. Through an association with a school in Poland, we made a small documentary in a village north of Tarabuco, called Morado K’asa. Proceeds from this project were used to support the school and library there as well as to construct a library in Maragua.


In line with our nutritional and environmental concerns, we are aiming to build greenhouses in several communities. The plan is to build these beside the schools in order to teach the children about their functioning and to provide a nutritional daily lunch.


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