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Condor Trekkers was originally established to support Centro Educativo Ñanta. It currently supports the dormitory established as part of Ñanta in association with Cafe Amsterdam, a non-profit bar in Sucre which was also established to support ����anta.

Through a close association with it’s founders, CT began supporting Fundación Guia in 2008. This project was initiated to assist youths in their transition to adulthood through job-finding, financial and social welfare assistance.

Through another close association, Condortrekkers began supporting Biblioworks, an NGO which builds libraries in rural communities around Sucre. In 2013 we worked together on an intercultural exchange project between schoolchildren in Morado K’asa and Poland. The funds raised through this project allowed us to build a library in Maragua where we do most of our hiking.

In 2011, one of Condor Trekkers’ guides alerted us of the need for financial assistance for a kindergarten in one of the outer suburbs of Sucre. ‘Los Ciruelitos’ (Little Plums) is a day care centre for around 30 children aged up to 6 years old, allowing their mothers to work. Most of these women come to the city from the countryside where we hike to earn a much needed income to support their families.

Also in 2011, Condor Trekkers was approached by 3 members of Stibors, an association of workers at the Sucre bus terminal. They have an NGO which aims to help their own members with educational and social assistance.

I arrived in Bolivia in 2005 to initiate the project and to investigate it’s feasibility. I began trekking in the region and very soon realised the greatest need for assistance in Bolivia is in the rural communities. Our priority then became to combat poverty in these areas and by improving the economic situation there, therefor reduce the need for migration to the city.

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