Condortrekkers was initiated in 2007 to raise funds to support Centro Educativo Ñanta.

Centro Educativo Ñanta

Ñanta was begun in 1995, by the group REZA in the parish of San Francisco, to provide milk and bread every Sunday to the shoe shiners working in the main square.

In July 2000, the work was reformulated taking the name Comedor Popular La Calle or The Street People’s Kitchen, where lunch was served daily for the price of 50 centavos.

Later, activities such as football and games were added and in 2002, the centre began creating native music, forming the group Ayllu Pukara.  They also developed an area for handicrafts and at the end of 2002 offered drawing and painting.

In early 2003 the centre established a new structure and changed its name to Centro Educativo Ñanta, which means, the way in Quechua.

The project is run by both Bolivians and foreign volunteers.  It provides food, education, accommodation, recreation and health services as well as family and social support to children and adolescents in need in Sucre and the surrounding region.

For more information, including how to become a volunteer, please visit Centro Educativo Ñanta.

Guia Foundation

Condortrekkers is also proud to support and share a close association with the Guia Foundation which began in 2008 to help adolescents secure more meaningful employment and in the transition to adulthood.

Visit Guia Foundation for more information on their work.

When trekking began in 2008, the need for assistance in the local areas became obvious. Condortrekkers is now involved in supporting community development projects in the rural communities in which the treks take place.

It is intended that this will have a preventative effect and reduce the need for migration to the cities.

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