Chaunaca’s primary school


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  1. The main purpose of education is to deliver valuable, wise, enthusiastic, candidly coordinated, ethically solid, refined, deductively tempered and sound young fellows. To put it plainly, the point and goal of education ought to be legitimate incorporation and congruity between feeling, thinking and doing.

  2. Nonetheless you may wish to have a scholarly subject too brain science is decent i did it at a level all things considered you can simply pick. When you arrive you can pick like science and maths or English and maths and so forth to have also. My companion too, Psychology and financial matters for A Level and shes a preparation educator now.

  3. It took a year of "study" in one of the "best" educational institutions of our city to understand that the crisis of our state went so far that it reached the secondary schools (gymnasiums and lyceums). The year spent in the classroom of this educational institution was very rich – excursions, various events, meetings, trips …, there were even several meetings with local deputies. But, the process of obtaining knowledge (the main task of any educational institution), was passed on to parents at home. What, we tried to do, having organized for the daughter of the house the second change of training

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